Ear Training is a vital, but often ignored, component of studying music!
My course is designed for anyone who plays a musical instrument, not just guitarists.
Learn how to listen with an educated ear so that you can play virtually any song you hear.
(This includes the songs you hear in your own head.)
Even non-musicians can benefit from this course because they will become educated listeners.
Please note that this is NOT a singing course! However - you are encouraged to hum/sing the different notes,
which I've found is essential to improving one's ear (and which will most likely improve your singing as well).
Some basic music theory is also introduced in this course.
Therefore, in addition to developing your "ear", you will have a better understanding of musical concepts.
By taking this course:
Your musical ear will improve.
You will get musically smarter.
You will become better at communicating with other musicians.
The course is divided into 4 sections, covering the following aspects of music:
1. INTERVALS: the distance between 2 notes.
2. RHYTHM: timing and the duration of notes.
3. MELODIES: Intervals AND Rhythm combined.
4. CHORDS: 3 or more notes played together.
   (also known as accompaniment or harmony)
The first course, Intervals, is free - all you have to do is register.
If you want to use the remaining 3 courses, there is a one time charge of $49.99.
Good luck and have fun!